Salamanca to Avila


The beautiful town of Avila is entirely surrounded by its walls that originally made it a fortified city. Despite the passing of centuries, the walls still have their 88 watchtowers in perfect shape.

Where to go
So you have arrived in Avila and are now wondering what are your options. You will soon realise one of the main attractions is the boundaries of the city itself. The walls of Avila are an impressive sight and structural achievement; you will be able to go round and check most of it out. It even has a museum in part of the wall where you can learn about its original design and why it was created.

Another excellent choice for you to take is the 12th century cathedral. It is one of the largest examples of Gothic architecture and has an impressive façade and interior paintings. The Palacio de los Davila was the palace of the Davila noble family. Built betwen the 13th and 16th centuries, it now is home to some great archaeological finds and will definitely spark your interest.

Food and festivities
If all that walking gets your appetite going then try out the Yema de Avila, a confection made of eggs, sugar and flour to make a really tasty sweet. If you're interested in a festival then check out Fiesta de Santa Teresea, featuring an energetic mixture of fireworks and music to keep the party alive all throughout the day!