Salamanca Property and Real Estate


Thinking about investing in Spanish Real Estate? Salamanca property could be the perfect place to invest your money. Whilst the Spanish property market 'boom' has come to an end in the last few years, many experts suggest that now it is just stabilising to a 'normal' level, making Spanish properties more affordable, whilst continuing to be worthwhile investments. Salamanca property is particularly desireable for the city's buzzing student population, beautiful historical centre and proximity to Madrid - a wonderful place to live or a perfect buy to rent investment. It has also been named as one of the ten Spanish cities where it is still possible to buy for under 1000 euros per sq metre.

Below we have listed some reputable Salamanca Real Estate Agents, many of which offer services in English so you can start searching for your ideal Salamanca property. You may also wish to check out our Spanish Mortgage information page to find out how and where to apply.

Salamanca Real Estate Agents

Don Piso
Avenida Fernández Ladreda 4, Salamanca 40001
Tel: +34 921463563

Fincas Corral
Paseo de Zorrilla 34, Valladolid 47006
Tel: +34 983375506

Inmobiliaria Grupo Tres
Avenida Portugal 159-161, Salamanca 37006
Tel: +34 923283816

Inmobiliaria Salmantina
Avenida Portugal 92, Salamanca 37005
Tel: +34 923122297

Metro Útil
Federico Anaya 5, Salamanca 37005
Tel: +34 923122844

Pedro González Inmobiliaria
C/Félix Mesonero 7, Peñaranda de Bracamente 37300
Tel: +34 923541765

Avenida Villamayor 64-68, pb local
Tel: +34 923283152