Salamanca Toledo


Toledo is a stone's throw away from Madrid and is certainly a great addition to your trip if you decide to head down. The city blends the artistic and cultural traditions from its history to provide a town that resembles a huge living museum packed with well-preserved buildings. Known as the city of three cultures, it was unique in that Jews, Moors and Christians lived relatively harmoniously in Toledo together during a time of nation-wide religious clashes.

Things to do
Upon arriving in Toledo you will want to visit the best sights and you need to have the plan ready if you're going to get around to them all in a day or so. So here is the run down of the best places that need to be checked out during your trip. The first stop is relatively easy to find at the very heart of the: the Cathedral. Toledo's cathedral is amongst the most spectacular in all of Spain and is revered throughout the country. Words don't describe it!

Another popular attraction is the Alcazar castle; nowadays it is a museum for historical military weaponry, though the site has been around since the Roman periods. It was almost completely destroyed in 1936 and successfully rebuilt with a diverse range of architectural styles.

If you're tempted by the idea of the Alcazar then you may also want to experience part of the artistic side of Toledo. If so then be sure to go to Casa De las Cadenas house, which houses an extensive range of 20th century pieces placed into a 16th century house. Pieces of work are by Antonio Lopez and Benjamin Palencia just to name two.

Finally, the Iglesia de Santo Tome has a brilliant reputation; while it's a relatively small church, it has some of the best pieces of work from El Greco including The Burial of Count Orgaz, which depicts the burial of philanthropist Don Gonzalo Ruíz amongst crowds