Salamanca Movie Theaters


Whether you've got the rainy day blues or are simply craving a good edge-of-your-seat thriller, head to one of Salamanca's movie theaters, settle into your seat, and spend a couple of hours munching on popcorn and enjoying the action. If you're looking for movies in V.O. (Versión Original), meaning in their original languages, Cines Bretón is the place to be. Otherwise, national and international blockbusters can be found in Spanish in the rest of the theaters.

Aside from the modern, multi-screen complexes scattered throughout the city and its outskirts, film enthusiasts are in for a real treat: the Filmoteca de Castilla y León. Along with photographs and books dedicated to the seventh art, you will find an extensive collection of movies hailing from all genres, places, and generations that you can even watch undisturbed in one of the Filmoteca's screening rooms. Be sure to check out the Filmoteca's cultural agenda, as it constantly hosts series featuring fimls that you're not likely to see anywhere else due to their origin, content, distribution, etc.

Filmoteca de Castilla y León
c/ Doña Gonzala Santana
Tlf: 923 21 25 16

Cines Van Dyck
Paseo Doctor Torres Villarroel, 40
Tlf: 923 24 35 38

Cines Bretón
Plaza de Bretón, 1
Tlf: 923 26 98 44
*Shows original language movies

Premiere Megaplex Salamanca
Paseo Estación
Tlf: 923 25 93 26

Cines Ábaco
Avda. de los Cipreses, s/n
Tlf: 923 12 26 03