Salamanca to Madrid


Where to begin! A short trip from Salamanca to Madrid will instill a sense of energy that will keep you on the tips of your toes to get out and explore the wonders on offer. Renowned for its artistic culture, Spain's capital holds its own as being one of the best places to visit and enjoy in Spain. There is a wide variety of activities and attractions from which to choose. Being a centerpiece for art within Spain, let's start with that.

You may have heard of the golden triangle, Madrid's trio of museums all boasting their own unique flavour within the art world yet complementing each other. The Museo Thyssen Bornemisza offers a fine range of European art throughout the ages that lends itself as a good introduction to European artwork. Its wide range of different artists include masters like Renoir and Van Gogh.

The second - and most famous - establishment in the triangle is the massive Museo del Prado. Its rich collection reaches over 7,000 pieces which are not all on display. Its flawless display of Spanish culture and religious influences work harmoniously to create a regal surrounding for those looking for a thrilling day. Finally the last piece of the puzzle is the Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, with a modern collection of the best contemporary Spanish art. One of hte highlights is without a doubt the legendary piece Guernica by Pablo Picasso, which depicts the suffering caused by war, specifically the bombardment of the small town of Guernica, Spain.

It goes without saying that Madrid is home to some of the world's best sporting teams. Lets begin with basketball. With two teams (Real Madrid and Estudiantes) in the top hoops league, you will never have a quiet moment as an explosive game will leave you in awe with every 3 pointer and every time you hear the 'swish' of the net. Tickets start from around 20 euros, which is reasonable for a top end basketball game. If you would prefer to check out the football (soccer) then you are in luck as Real Madrid - based out of the Santiago Bernabeu stadium - is one of the most elite clubs in Spanish and international football. Atletico de Madrid is another great team that also plays in Spain's top division.

Places to take a stroll
For a peaceful walk across some of the most beautiful landscapes in Madrid, head over to the Jardines De Sabatini- especially if you're looking for a romantic evening! With a maze of statues and boxed hedges alongside an array of pools with the Royal Palace as a backdrop, it's truly beautiful. The El Retiro, simply put one of the most impressive parks around, will take a couple of trips to get around but is worth it. Why don't you take a row boat out for a spin on the pond or or endulge in an ice cream?