Spanish Courses in Salamanca

Here you can check out the courses that we offer at Enforex Salamanca, along with some basic program details. To learn about our courses in greater detail, feel free to visit our website: Spanish courses in Salamanca

General Spanish Courses

When you sign up for one of our General Intensive Spanish Courses, YOU get to pick the intensity and duration depending on what is most convenient for you. It's no wonder that this is our signature program!

  • Intensive & Super Intensive Spanish
    (1+ weeks)
  • Long Duration Course
    (10+ weeks)
  • Semester or Year Abroad
    (24+ weeks)
  • Travel & Learn Spanish
    (follow course in other Enforex cities- at no extra charge!)

Special Spanish Courses

Many students who come to Enforex Salamanca arrive with certain goals and interests in mind. That's why we offer a variety of "special" Spanish courses, ranging from individualized courses of study to exam preparation and programs for special ages and times of year.

  • One on One Lessons
    (1, 5, 10, 20, 30+ lessons/week; min. 1 week)
  • Student Groups
    (personalized program)
  • Christmas Spanish Course
    (20 lessons/ week; 1 or 2 weeks)
  • DELE Exam Preparation
    (20 lessons/week; 2 or 4 weeks)

Academic Spanish Courses

If you already have an intermediate to advanced level of Spanish and would like to learn more about specific facets of Spanish culture, then one of our Academic Spanish Courses might be just what you're looking for! Spanish language lessons will be complemented by lessons on either history, art history or literature. In addition, there will be extra-curricular activities, such as visits to museums and other cultural centers, always accompanied by an ENFOREX instructor.

  • Spanish History
    (10 lessons/week; 2 or 4 weeks)
  • Spanish Literature
    (10 lessons/week; 2 or 4 weeks)
  • Spanish Art History
    (10 lessons/week; 2 or 4 weeks)

Business & Professional Spanish

Courses Business

The importance of Spanish around the globe is growing with each passing day and throughout numerous professions. That's why Enforex Salamanca offers you the chance to improve your general Spanish skills while acquiring the topic-specific vocabulary and cultural knowledge to feel comfortable expressing yourself in a professional environment.

  • Executive One on One Course
    (intensity, duration & content up to you!)
  • Business Spanish Course & the Chamber of Commerce Exam
    (10 business lessons/week; 2 or 4 weeks)
  • Internship in Salamanca
    (optional 20+5 intensive Spanish course; + 8-week internship)

Junior Spanish Programs

When it comes to learning a language, the earlier the better! For this very reason, Enforex Salamanca encourages children and teenagers to immerse themselves in Spain's cultural and language. These Junior Spanish Programs give youngsters the opportunity to not only expand their cultural horizons but also get on the fast track towards being bilingual!

  • Intensive Spanish for Teenagers
    (10, 20, 20+5, 20+5+5 lessons/week; 1-10 weeks; ages 14+)
  • High School Study Abroad Program
    (semester or year in Spanish high school; ages 13+)
  • Salamanca Summer Camp
    (ages 5-18)