Salamanca Arts Festivals

salamanca old cathedral

Filling in any gaps left in Salamanca's festival calendar is a constant string of arts festivals that focus on anything from literature to music, theater, and film. Plus, unique to Salamanca is the Filmoteca de Castilla y León which, aside from unique films that you can view on your own, hosts numerous film series throughout the year. While a new batch of arts festivals, exhibitions, and other sporadic cultural events pops up in Salamanca each year, here are some of the yearly fixtures:

Muestra Nacional de Jazz
(National Jazz Circuit)
Where? Various bars throughout Salamanca
When? February-March
What? Jazz music.

Festival de Música Religiosa
festival in salamanca
(Festival of Religious Music)
Where? Churches like Iglesia de San Benito, La Clerecía, Iglesia de San Martín
When? Every other day for two weeks leading up to Easter
What? Religious music to start the Semana Santa (Holy Week) festival.

Día del Libro
(International Book Day)
Where? Plaza Mayor
When? April
What? Books bought and sold, live music, children's theater, book readings, etc.

Festival Internacional de las Artes de Castilla y León
dj spinning (Castilla and León International Festival of the Arts)
Where? Throughout Salamanca's theaters, plazas, and streets
When? June
What? Variety: Cinema, dance, theater, children's theater, concerts, graffiti, music, multi-media performances, and more.

Festival de Cante Flamenco
(Flamenco Festival)
Where? Palacio de Congresos
When? June
What? Flamenco music and dancing.

Jazz en la Calle
(Jazz in the Street)
Where? Plazas and courtyards throughout Salamanca center
When? June-August weekends
What? Open-air jazz festival.

Las Noches del Fonseca
(Fonseca Nights)
Where? Colegio del Arzobispo Fonseca
When? July-August
What? Music and theater.

Festival SMASH de Música Contemporánea
(SMASH Festival of Contemporary Music)
Where? Auditorio del Conservatorio Profesional de Música (Professional Consevatory of Music Auditorium)
When? October
What? Contemporary music concerts and classes.

Salamanca Solotech: Música Electrónica
(Electronic Music Festival)
Where? Edificio Multiusos Sánchez Paraíso
When? October
What? Electronic music.

Explorafoto: Festival de Fotografía de Castilla y León
(Explorafoto: Photography Festival of Castilla and León)
Where? Galleries, cultural centers, and museums throughout Salamanca
When? October - December
What? Photography exhibitions of artists ranging from prestigious international to young and up-and-coming photographers.