Salamanca Hiking


Due to the striking natural beauty and the remarkable diversity of its landscape, the Salamanca province serves up a wealth of rural tourism options. Therefore, if you're looking to get out of the city for a trekking or hiking excursion, the possibilities are both endless and varied.

The region's many routes, trails, and roads are properly and clearly marked, meaning that you can travel on your own and at your own pace without ever worrying about getting lost. So whether you want a challenging hike through the Béjar Mountain Range or a pleasant trek along the trail of Salamanca's ancient Celtic settlements, get out there and revel in the marvelous natural wonders of Salamanca's breath-taking landscape.

Salamanca Hiking & Trekking Routes:

  • GR 14 (Following the flow of the Duero River through the natural park of Arribes del Duero)
  • GR 10 (Traverses the southern part of province)
  • Ruta de Alagón (Alagón Route)
  • Ruta de la Plata (Silver Route)
  • Ciudad Rodrigo region
  • Sierra de Francia (Francia Mountain Range)
  • Sierra de Béjar (Béjar Mountain Range)
  • Ruta de los Castros de Salamanca (Route linking Salamanca's ancient Celtic settlements)