Tapas in Salamanca, Spain

Tapas in Spain
tapas Tapas (or "pinchos," as they're called in Castilla-León), which originated in southern Spain's Andalucía region, has since become a gastronomic phenomenon that has taken Spain and the world by storm. The beloved tradition, which is essentially the fusion of lively bar-hopping and glorified snacking, began in a very non-glamorous way; as a means of keeping pesky flies out of their customers' drinks, innovative bartenders took to covering the glasses- and their precious contents- with a small cover, or a "tapa."

Soon, little snacks- along the lines of a simple sandwich or a slice or two of ham- began to grace these little plates and were naturally a welcome addition to the clientele. Capitalizing on the idea and its possibilities, bar owners began to get crafty with their tapas in an effort to lure customers into their bars and away from the competition. Traditionally, tapas came free with each drink that a customer ordered. Nowadays, while you may come across a bar giving out free tapas, bars throughout Spain tend to charge customers for tapas- don't worry though, they're still an inexpensive way to fill up!

Tapas in Salamanca, Spain
In Salamanca, tapas are typically called "pinchos" (pickings) and are by nature a fun, filling and genuinely Spanish way to spend an evening. When the atmosphere is hopping, the tapas tasty, and the conversation lively, you can easily see why an evening "de pinchos" can last for hours! Plus, why spend a lot of your hard-earned money to try one local specialty when you can try a dozen for a much smaller dent in your wallet!

Tapas is all about kicking back and having a great time- there is certainly no single way to do it! Stay in one bar all night or migrate from bar to bar testing the tapas, the ambiance and- depending on how the night goes- your alcohol tolerance. Restaurants and bars offering lists of these tasty bites of food- definitely try the "pinchos" featuring roasted meats- are all over Salamanca, but try in and around the Plaza Mayor or the Calle Van Dyck for jam-packed conglomerations of them!