Culture around Gran Vía and East Salamanca

salamanca city

East Salamanca, branching off the Gran Vía, is another of Salamanca's architecture-packed zones. Filled to capacity with convents and churches, you could even call east Salamanca the religious quarter! Interestingly enough, the buildings all boast different architectural styles; between the Romanesque, Plateresque, and Churigueresque structures there's even a convent that has every major Spanish style integrated within its walls!

Along with the small theater Centro de Artes Escénicas, one of Salamanca's greatest cultural treasures is found right here in east Salamanca: the Filmoteca de Castilla y León. Movie buffs and cinema enthusiasts in general will delight in this "filmoteca" which celebrates the seventh art in a big way. Along with photographs, books, and movies of all genres, places, and generations that you can even watch undisturbed in one of the various private screening rooms, the filmoteca also offers its own cultural calendar. Check out the agenda, because it constantly hosts film series featuring films that you won't see anywhere else due to their origin, content, distribution, etc. Definitely worth paying a visit if you're a film aficionado.

Where to experience culture in east Salamanca:

  • Centro de Artes Escénicas
Movie Theaters:
  • Filmoteca de Castilla y León
Concert Venues / Live Music :
  • Birdland
  • El Rastro
  • Mercado de San Juan