Culture around Salamanca's Plaza Mayor

plaza mayor salamanca

Head down to the Plaza Mayor, known affectionately as "Salamanca's living room," where people of all walks of life come to relax, sip on a drink, and gaze at the marvelous architecture. Plus, just think that the majestic square, now filled with terrace cafés and cheerful people, was for years the setting of the merciless Spanish Inquisition's "autos-da-fé" and subsequent exectutions!

The area surrounding the Plaza Mayor is the hub of Salamanca's city life. Plus, with points of interest spread throughout the area, it's a veritable hotbed of culture. Tucked amongst Romanesque churches and Baroque mansions, you'll also come across the city's most important and most historical theater as well as museums such as the Bullfighting Museum- with Salamanca's location in plain bull-breeding territory, it's no wonder they have a museum dedicated to the Spanish sport!

Where to experience culture in the Plaza Mayor Quarter:


  • Bullfighting Museum
  • Teatro Liceo
Concert Venues:
  • Teatro Liceo
  • Irish Rover
  • Mercado Central
  • Mercadillo Plaza de los Bandos