Salamanca Apartments

salamanca apartment

To get yourself started on the apartment search, acquaint yourself with websites like that let you search for all sorts of apartment options: short-term, long-term, shared, individual, etc. Plus, check out our Salamanca city guide to decide which part of the city you would like to settle into.

Short-Term Apartment Rental:
Instead of staying in a hotel, renting an apartment is becoming more and more common amongst tourists. Instead of living out of a suitcase, you can make yourself a home in an apartment equipped with a washing machine, a kitchen, etc. You will no longer have to worry about the hotel laundry service not washing your shirt the right way or about waking up hungry in the middle of the night but with no way to get a snack. Plus, you can save money by purchasing food at the supermarket and eating in instead of splurging on restaurants all week.

Salamanca apartment prices tend to be comparable to those of a mid-range hotel, although if you go during a big festival like the Feria de Salamanca, don't be surprised if the prices fluctuate.

Long-Term Apartment Rental:
If you're looking to rent a Salamanca apartment for an extended period of time- perhaps to take a Spanish course- be sure to take the time to search out the right place for you. Spending a couple of nights in a hotel or hostel while you compare apartments, locations, prices, and roommates isn't too bad when it comes to your happiness during several months. After all, nobody likes to find out that they're paying €500 a month for a room the size of a closet and a flat-mate who eats all your food!

A single room in a shared apartment in the heart of Salamanca typically ranges betwen €150 and €250 per month- trust us, it's a steal! Also keep in mind that unless the ad says "gastos incluídos" (expenses included), you'll have to figure in another € 30 - € 50 for gas, electricity, water, etc. The price of a loft apartment just for you is of course an option, though prices will evidently be much higher.