Salamanca Bullfights

salamanca bullfight

Situated in the heart of Spain's "toro bravo" (fighting bull) breeding territory, bullfights naturally form a considerable part of Salamanca's culture. Historically, Salamanca's bullfight venue was the marvelous Plaza Mayor- or at least until 1893 when the construction of "La Glorieta," Salamanca's bullring, was completed. The bullring, which holds up to 10,000 spectators, also hosts a wide range of outdoor events and concerts during the summer- when there isn't a bullfight scheduled, that is.

Salamanca's bullfight season essentially runs through the summer months, with June and September- festival months- being the highlights. If your visit to Salamanca coincides with bullfight season, follow the droves of aficionados to La Glorieta in the early evening to soak up the lively atmosphere of this genuinely Spanish cultural event.

Don't know anything about bullfights? Want to brush up on the sport before attending? Just can't decide if a bullfight is right for you? Consider heading to the Museo Taurino (Bullfight Museum), located right by the Plaza Mayor, to learn all about the history, culture and tradition surrounding this quintessentially Spanish, albeit controversial, activity.

Plaza de Toros de Salamanca "La Glorieta"
(La Glorieta Bullring of Salamanca)
Plaza de la Glorieta
Tlf: 923 22 12 99